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A reliable Finnish direct sales company

HomCare Finland Oy is a reliable and valued Finnish company that has established a stable standing with its long-term and successful operations, marketing and selling high-quality products related to personal and home well-being.

HomCare Finland Oy was established in 1985. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the largest and best-operating direct selling systems in Finland. The company is a member of Data & Marketing Association of Finland (formerly the Direct Marketing Association of Finland) and complies with the Fair Play rules of the association.

Our customers around Finland may obtain our products at HomCare parties, from our Representatives and the online store. We continuously provide our Representatives with training, and they pass information on to their customers on the properties and use of the products.

HomCare Finland Oy—a Finnish success story

First, there was just a handful of hard-working people who believed in their idea and an assortment of excellent products. Today, there are already approximately 10,000 Finns (staff, representatives, customers and hostesses) actively participating in HomCare Finland’s business, and the products and the company behind them are known all over the country.

Aulis Vainio started HomCare Finland in 1985. His faith in the business idea was enforced by his personal good experiences with Swipe products and getting to know the HomCare model of Sweden.

HomCare’s international roots

The story of HomCare and its key product range, Swipe, dates back to the early 1960s in the US. Four Texans owned a company that manufactured an industrial detergent. It was noticed that the employees were swiping the efficient product for home use by their wives. This brought the idea of selling the detergent specifically to households through the women’s own network and, with their interaction, to give housewives the possibility of succeeding by selling Swipe. HomCare was established, and it started marketing Swipe in the US in 1965.

Product principles and ecology

Swipe products with the EES principle

HomCare invests in continuous product development and offers Swipe products for your use. They are

Efficient – the result is a wonderfully clean home, laundry and dishes
Economical – most products are available as long-lasting and affordable concentrate, which is diluted in water
Safe – to their objects, users and the environment

Many of our products also have many uses.

HomCare as a pioneer

HomCare has been a pioneer in many areas, such as introducing concentrated detergent and laundry detergents on the market and launching the spray method and microfibre products for cleaning.

In the field of beauty care, Aloe Vera and pH-balanced products have been the cornerstone of the NaturCare series for decades now. We continuously develop our beauty and well-being products, but these tested and proven operating lines remain as the foundation. Currently, the product series uses Aloe Vera and also Finnish berries and probiotics.

We want our products to work for the best of the people, homes and nature. Most HomCare products are concentrates, of which you only need very small quantities. One package lasts for a long time, producing less packaging waste and further reducing the environmental load from transporting the products. The refillable packages support the principle of ecology. In the BioSwipe range, safety has been taken to a new level by utilising natural and biological components.