The primary cleaning power of the BioSwipe products is based on live microbes, probiotics, which are beneficial to humans and the environment.

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NaturCare products are developed especially to Finnish skin and Finnish conditions, based on Aloe Vera and other high-quality ingredients from the nature.

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Traditional Swipe range includes all detergents what is needed in household. Products are concentrated and they are diluted with water before use.

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Misty Probiotic sprayer

NaturCare Misty is a modern pioneer product developed for probiotic skin treatments. Its healing power is based on a very fine spray of 100% natural probiotic fluid directly onto the skin.

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Do you want to be HomCare representative?

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Host a party with HomCare representative

HomCare invitations combine a casual meeting of friends with the opportunity to get to know your products, with time and with the guidance of an expert.

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