HomCare always cares for its customers. In addition to high-quality products and satisfaction guarantee, our customers are included in a preferred customer program that rewards them for obtaining HomCare’s home and beauty care products.

Customer loyalty program

When a customer orders HomCare products, they will receive a €15 gift certificate for every €100 spent on the products. In addition, the customer will get one more €15 gift certificate when the total value of the purchased products is at least €500. Once the voucher has been issued, it is recorded in the customer data and will be available in subsequent orders during the next 6 months.

Order reward products

The customer gains the right to buy order reward products based on the total amount of an individual order. An order reward product refers to a HomCare product selected by the customer, and will cost only half of the normal price. An order reward product can be freely chosen among all underlined products in the catalogue (e.g., Aloe Gel 7120210 • 250 ml • €28).

Delivery fee benefits

The delivery fee covers the packaging and delivery of the ordered products to the customer according to the customer’s choice and is payable in connection with the order. The normal delivery fee of an order is €10. With a purchase of €40 or more, the delivery fee is only €5.


Total amount of purchased products Gift certificate of each step
100 € 15 €
500 € 15 €


Minimum amount of order Shipping cost Amount of half price products
1 € 10 €
40 € 5 € 1
100 € 5 € 2
200 € 5 € 3