Swipe cleaning products have a long tradition. To date, they have been used around the world for more than 50 years. The Swipe product range features effective, chemical home care products with biodegradable active components. The products are concentrates that the user will dilute with water or use with extremely low dosages. This helps protect the environment against the strain of unnecessary waste packaging material. Thanks to the concentrate approach, it also takes less energy to produce, transport and store the products. The Swipe cleaning range includes all universal cleaners needed for home care.

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The Swipe laundry range covers all needs for household laundry care. The range includes the next-generation detergent powder Family White and specialized products for brightening, rinsing and freshening laundry. All detergents in the range are lasting concentrates that are economical to use thanks to the low dosage. And as a bonus, there is less packaging waste.
In addition, the Swipe product range has products for dishwasher use.

Crystal Tabs

29 €

Crystal Tabs all in 1 is an efficient detergent tablet that is put into the detergent compartment in the dishwasher as is, without removing its water-soluble wrapping. The tablets contain both an efficient detergent as well as a rinsing brightener. The package contains 80 tablets.

Aineosat 15 - 30 % happeen perustuvia valkaisuaineita, alle 5 % polykarboksylaatteja, ionittomia tensidejä, entsyymejä (amylaasi, proteaasi)
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Brite 500 ml

16 €

Brite is an acidic detergent concentrate that efficiently removes difficult build-ups and surface corrosion in the bathroom, sauna and other wet spaces. Brite is also excellent for cleaning various aluminium, copper and brass surfaces and objects. Brite is water-diluted before use. One concentrate bottle yields 12.5 bottles of universal dilution, giving a price of €1.28 per bottle.

pH 1,2
Ainesosat alle 5 % ionittomia tensideja
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Somthin’Else 500 ml

16 €

Somthin’Else is a mild, all-purpose detergent that is excellent for sensitive surfaces and natural materials as well as for washing up or for use as liquid soap. Somthin’Else is a concentrate that needs to be water-diluted before use. It can be used on parquet, laminate, cork and plastic floors, for example, or on lacquered, wooden, melamine, tile and marble surfaces. One concentrate bottle yields a little more than 6 bottles of universal dilution, giving a price of € 2,60 per bottle.

pH 5,2
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Swipe Original

Swipe 500 ml

16 €

Swipe is an economical and efficient alkaline all-purpose detergent concentrate, with hundreds of applications at home and outdoors. A convenient kit of 3 empty spray bottles makes the Swipe concentrate easy to dilute and use with various concentrations. A mild dilution is suitable, for example, for glass and window surfaces, while a normal dilution can be used for all-purpose cleaning and a strong dilution for the oven and grill. One concentrate bottle yields a little more than 31 bottles of normal-strength dilution, giving a price of 51¢ per bottle.

pH 11
Ainesosat aqua, ppg-2 methyl ether, potassium carbonate, sodium citrate, sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, ethoxylated alcohol c13-c15 (7 eo), capryl glucoside, ceteareth-2, sodium cumenesulfonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium diethylenetriamine pentamethylene phosphonate, methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone, parfum, CI 42051
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Swipe Ball

Swipe Ball

32 €

The Swipe Ball fabric freshener contains naturally bactericidal silver. Swipe Ball is put into the load, which is washed as usual with a detergent. When exposed to water, the ball releases silver ions that attach to the laundry during the wash cycle. Lasts for up to 160 loads.

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30/60 500 g

24 €

30/60 wash booster is a fabric whitener and brightener that uses oxygen as its whitening active agent. It is used as a whitener either separately during soaking or together with a detergent. 30/60 is also an efficient stain remover that works excellently with most fabrics and, for example, when cleaning the bathroom.

Aineosat sodium carbonate peroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, TAED, laureth-9 og laureth-3, protease, amylase, mannanase
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Swipe Family White tuotekuva

Family White 1 kg

17 €

Family White is an economical washing powder for white and mixed-colour laundry. It contains plenty of active, biodegradable ingredients that boost the washing power. Family White is a fragrance-free detergent concentrate with extremely low dosage. One package lasts for up to 67 loads (with a minimum dosage of 15 ml), or 0,25 eur per wash.

Aineosat 15-30 % natriumkarbonaatteja, 15-30 % happipohjaiset valkaisuaineet, <5 % anioniset pinta-aktiiviset aineet, <5 % ionittomat pinta-aktiiviset aineet, <5 % fosfonaatit, entsyymit
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