The HomCare home party combines meeting people you know in a relaxed atmosphere and the possibility to properly get to know high-quality products with time and with the help of a specialist.

The home party is a fun way of learning about HomCare products. The home party is an event where friends and neighbours gather at the hostess’s home or another suitable place for product presentation, where the HomCare representative presents products, talks about current offers and provides help with using the products, if needed. As a reward for her effort, the hostess will gain a home party benefit based on the sales to spend on HomCare products for herself. The bigger the sales at the home party, the more the hostess benefits.

Instead of a home party, the hostess may arrange an online party or a collection party. As the name suggests, an online party is arranged online, and the guests invited by the hostess may participate when it best suits them within a predefined time limit. In a collection party, the hostess takes orders at her workplace, for instance. Hostesses get all the same benefits from online parties and collection parties as from home parties.

The hostess earns benefits based on the sales according to the table below.

Party sales at least Hostess reward (€) Amount of special hostess offers
150 € 20 € 1
250 € 50 € 2
500 € 85 € 3
750 € 130 € 4
1000 € 180 € 5


The bigger the sales at the home party, the more the hostess benefits in the form of free products and special hostess offers.

The hostess will receive free party reward products that she can select among the underlined products in the product catalogue.

In addition, the hostess may utilise 1–5 highly discounted hostess offers based on the party sales.

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