Enjoy about clean home

Clean and treated home is part of your and your family wellbeing. Famous and high-quality Swipe cleaning products are

Efficient – as a result clean home, laundry and dishes
Economical – most of the products are concentrates which are diluted with water before use
Safe – safe for humans, environment and surfaces

The best known product for over 40 years in Swipe range is Swipe Original detergent. It has been used in millions households over the world. There are also other products for household cleaning, laundry and dishes.

For your benefit – environment friendly

We are using biodegradable ingredients in our products. Because concentrated products last longer, you don’t need to buy them so often, you save money and at the same time you decrease amount of plastic and packaging waste and also transport costs of products.

HomCare Finland Oy takes care of the packaging that it places on the market in accordance with EU directives, the Waste Act and Government Decisions and Regulations.

HomCare has never tested or tested any product or raw material on animals. In addition, the EU has not allowed animal testing of finished cosmetic products since 11 September 2004. As regards raw materials, the EU has had so-called ”raw materials”. ban on animal testing as of 11 March 2009, according to which the safety of raw materials must not be tested on animals. The ban applies to all animal tests.